White Glove Setup

We have experts and developers who have experience integrating Token of Trust with many different customer shapes and sizes. Our team offers white glove delivery that removes the hassle from your plate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started as a Businesses

Our product specialists are a great resource when planning your project and can help you through the process. Contact our Sales Team.

Token of Trust has many proven verification and decision workflows to draw from. Our team will work with you to decide which processes are best for your situation. You can speak to an expert to learn about the available options to choose from.

Yes, Token of Trust can issue API keys to support integrations to our service. While API keys can be useful for more advanced integrations, we offer integration tools that connect with many popular platforms that people use to build websites and operate their business — for these, we recommend using license keys to manage your connection to our service. Your API keys and License Keys are available within your Account Dashboard.

When integrating with Token of Trust, we recommend using Token of Trust’s full-service team to manage the integration and setup. However, if you would like to manage the integration on your own, we have documentation available in our Developer Resources. To switch your API Key or License Key from sandbox mode to live mode, you must coordinate the activation of your key with our Customer Success team.

Yes, all accounts are enabled with the Sandbox feature turned on when first created. Token of Trust offers the Sandbox feature to simulate transactions and verifications in a testing environment. Anyone can create an Account here with the Sandbox feature enabled.

When the Sandbox feature is enabled on an account, the account functions almost identically to live mode with a few necessary differences:

  • All submissions are auto-approved. This means that data and/or images can be captured but does not undergo a verification process.
  • Data submitted auto-expires and is regularly deleted.
  • All dashboards, widgets, and user interfaces display a “Test Mode” banner near the footer.

Token of Trust has the capability to complete verifications in over 100 different countries where we support passports or national ID. Contact our Sales Team to learn about solutions.

Billing and Pricing

Please reach out to support@tokenoftrust.com or +1 (833) 738-0038 and we’ll get you taken care of.

Businesses can explore capabilities with the Sandbox feature enabled free of charge, but all accounts must be on a paid plan to operate in live mode.

We’re excited about working with you to build a trusted customer base. Token of Trust offers 3 paid subscription plans to choose from and with different verification add-ons. Contact one of our friendly sales reps to Request a Price Quote.

Token of Trust accepts all major credit and debit cards – Visa, MasterCard and AMEX. Once you’ve decided on your configuration and your plan, you can add your payment information to our system.

Data and Security

Token of Trust takes utmost care to ensure that we protect the data of both consumers and end users alike, Token Of Trust uses 256-bit SSL encryption 100% of the time on every device. To find out how your data is store, find more information on our Privacy Policy Page

You should always be careful providing your identity information online. We recommend using a safe and secure identity platform like Token of Trust to provide identity information. You should always encrypt your identity information and you should never send it using email or text.

In most cases Token of Trust will need to use a form of ID to verify your identity on behalf of a business or other entities that have entered into a contractual agreement with Token of Trust. 

You can either email us at support [at] tokenoftrust [dot] com or you can fill out a form when signed into your profile at https://app.tokenoftrust.com/app/help/. We will permanently delete the account and all the personal data associated with it within 30 days assuming there is no legal requirement or basis for retention beyond that time.

You can either email us at support [at] tokenoftrust [dot] com or you can fill out a form when signed into your profile at: https://app.tokenoftrust.com/app/help/. We are available to you weekdays during the hours of 10:00 am through 6:00 pm U.S. Eastern Time.


You can email us at support [at] tokenoftrust [dot] com. Paying customers can also reaching us through the “help” area within the application.

Our vision for customer success

At Token of Trust success is providing a seamless product and service which gives our customers and their end users peace of mind. We aim to deliver value to all users of the Token of Trust platform by providing a secure service where individuals and organizations can feel comfortable sharing verified information about themselves. 

Our hours

Our customer success team responds to questions on weekdays from 10:00 am through 6:00 pm Eastern Time (UTC-05:00).

Contact the team

If at any point, you want to reach the team or have feedback to share with us — please email us at support [at] tokenoftrust [dot] com.

Try Token of Trust

Try our sandbox and upgrade only when you’re ready to launch. No credit card required.