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Defend your business against chargebacks and eCommerce fraud with Token of Trust. Tailor your protection strategy using customizable order rules and automated identity verification.

  • Verify users quickly and easily
  • Ensure global compliance
  • Prioritize data security and privacy

Rave reviews and glowing awards in identity verification

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Top ROI Fall '23: Recognized with 'Best Estimated ROI' badge from G2 Reviews.
Seamless Business: Earned 'Easiest To Do Business' award in Fall '23
Rapid Implementation: Honored with 'Fastest Implementation' badge, Fall '23.
High Performer: Achieved 'High Performer' status according to G2 Reviews, Fall '23.
Exceptional Support: Awarded 'Best Support' badge by G2 Reviews, Fall '23.

Seamless Integration,
Turnkey Fraud Prevention

Seamlessly integrate Token of Trust with popular eCommerce platforms. Our turnkey solution simplifies fraud prevention, letting you focus on business growth hassle-free.


Auto-flagging high risk orders

Instantly identify potential threats with our automated system. High-risk orders are flagged, ensuring you stay one step ahead in fraud prevention without manual effort.

Token of Trust's dashboard reveals high-risk orders, ensuring comprehensive eCommerce Fraud Prevention.

Rule customization for precise protection

Take control with our rule-setting capabilities. Customize conditions like identity verification for high-value orders or additional checks for mismatched addresses. Tailor your fraud prevention strategy to fit your business needs.

Process flow: Identify high-risk orders, request ID for fraud prevention, combat Chargebacks.

Comprehensive risk analysis

We go beyond the basics. Our system analyzes a spectrum of risk indicators — from geographical checks to device-based verification and identity corroboration. Stay secure with a thorough examination of potential threats.

Data points illustrate Token of Trust's precise fraud risk analysis, enhancing eCommerce Fraud Prevention.

Restrict repeat offenders

Block repeat offenders at the gate. Token of Trust identifies and restricts access for those attempting fraudulent activities repeatedly, fortifying your defenses against persistent threats.

Block repeat fraudsters with Token of Trust's proactive eCommerce Fraud Prevention measures.

VIP treatment for loyal customers

Reward loyalty effortlessly. Recognize and prioritize loyal customers with expedited order placement. Put them in the fast lane for a seamless and efficient experience, fostering customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Fast-track loyal customers through checkout with Token of Trust's streamlined eCommerce Fraud Prevention.

Protecting Your Business:
Fraud Prevention Solutions

As your eCommerce business faces diverse threats, Token of Trust stands ready with targeted solutions.

Reduce Chargebacks and friendly fraud with Token of Trust's protective icon.

Chargebacks & Friendly Fraud

Ensure financial stability with Token of Trust’s advanced fraud prevention, featuring real-time analysis and Identity Verification to dispute and win chargeback cases.

Combat return abuse effectively with Token of Trust's preventative measures.

Return Abuse

Secure your returns process with stringent policies, advanced analytics, and Identity Verification to authenticate customers, effectively minimizing fraudulent returns.

Shield against account takeover fraud with Token of Trust's powerful software.

Account Takeover (ATO)

Stay ahead of identity theft with multi-factor authentication, regular password updates, behavior monitoring, and Token of Trust’s Identity Verification, fortifying account security against takeover attempts.

Reduce promotional abuse and coupon fraud with Token of Trust's proactive safeguards, enhancing security for coupons and discounts.

Promotional Abuse

Protect promotions from exploitation with Token of Trust’s recommendations—set limits, monitor user activity, employ fraud detection tools, and integrate Identity Verification for streamlined processes, ensuring robust protection against abuse.

Fostering trust through privacy

Our commitment to privacy runs deep within the fabric of our solutions. Through cutting-edge security and encryption, Token of Trust provides a trustworthy foundation for businesses seeking reliable solutions across the spectrum of identity and compliance needs.

Icon featuring EU's stars and UK's flag stripes with a lock, symbolizing Token of Trust's adherence to both EU's GDPR and UK's GDPR for robust data protection.
Icon with the bear from the California state flag, representing Token of Trust's compliance with the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).
Canadian maple leaf symbol on a shield with the acronym "PIPEDA," representing Token of Trust's commitment to compliance with Canada's Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act.
Lock on a circuit board, emphasizing Token of Trust's use of bank-level encryption for secure data protection.
Identity document and currency with an "X," symbolizing Token of Trust's commitment to privacy and assurance that consumer data will never be sold.

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