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Effortlessly achieve compliance using our age assurance solutions. Streamline customer access to age-restricted goods and content with our suite of tools, including facial age estimation, age verification by date-of-birth, and content age gates.

  • Quick and easy age verification
  • Automated decisions in seconds
  • Compliant with legal age standards
  • Privacy-protected data encryption
Representation of 3 Token of Trust products: Phone scanning Drivers License to determine date-of-birth for age verification, age gate prompting user with a question about their age, and phone camera taking selfie photo to determine estimated age.
Top ROI Fall '23: Recognized with 'Best Estimated ROI' badge from G2 Reviews.
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Modern age verification software suite

Automated, Fast, Seamless Age Verification and Age Assurance Solutions for Digital Commerce

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Discover seamless integrations with top e-commerce platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce, streamlining your checkout experience.

Compliance Vault

Token of Trust offers robust age verification solutions that help websites and merchants maintain compliance. Our secure vault stores essential data, aiding in proving compliance to auditors, while prioritizing the safety and security of sensitive information.

Data Vault representing Token of Trust’s commitment to security and privacy of Age Verification records.

Automated Decisions

Save time and resources with our automated decision-making process. Token of Trust’s automated identity verification helps you make quick decisions based on reliable data. Let us handle customer verification so you can focus on your core business.

Image of a robotic arm symbolizing the process of automatically making decisions about approving customers after completing automated identity verification.

Fast-track loyal customers

Recognize loyal customers for a smoother onboarding or checkout process. Loyal customers are fast-tracked, reducing abandonment rates and ensuring a more efficient experience, leading to increased conversions and customer satisfaction.

Icon illustrating a loyal customer accessing Token of Trust's global coverage and identity verification software.

Empowering Merchants with Age Assurance Solutions

Unlock peace of mind and enhance customer trust with Token of Trust’s suite of age assurance tools. Seamlessly verify age, ensure legal compliance, and tailor experiences to individual needs.

Date-of-birth and Age Verification on an eCommerce website during checkout to comply with minimum age legal requirements.

Age-Restricted Checkout

Verify age during online checkout to comply with laws for selling age-restricted goods and services, ensuring legal adherence and customer safety.

Age Verification and Date-of-Birth Check on an eCommerce website during checkout to avoid fraud and confirm eligibility for age-based discounts.

Age-Based Discounts

Securely verify customer age at signup or checkout, granting access to perks such as exclusive discounts, particularly crucial for seniors’ eligibility verification.

Selfie scan using Age Estimation Software on a website to filter age-appropriate content.

Facial Age Estimation

Utilize facial estimation to assess individual age, granting access to age-appropriate content on social media platforms and websites with varied content offerings.

Age Verification and Date-of-birth check to confirm adult status and their consent to comply with laws with minimum age requirements.

Ensure adult consent and verification during onboarding for member websites, upholding legal requirements and safeguarding against underage participation.

Fostering trust through privacy

Our commitment to privacy runs deep within the fabric of our solutions. Through cutting-edge security and encryption, Token of Trust provides a trustworthy foundation for businesses seeking reliable solutions across the spectrum of identity and compliance needs.

Icon featuring EU's stars and UK's flag stripes with a lock, symbolizing Token of Trust's adherence to both EU's GDPR and UK's GDPR for robust data protection.
Icon with the bear from the California state flag, representing Token of Trust's compliance with the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).
Canadian maple leaf symbol on a shield with the acronym "PIPEDA," representing Token of Trust's commitment to compliance with Canada's Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act.
Lock on a circuit board, emphasizing Token of Trust's use of bank-level encryption for secure data protection.
Identity document and currency with an "X," symbolizing Token of Trust's commitment to privacy and assurance that consumer data will never be sold.

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