About Token of Trust

We are on a mission to enable faster & safer interactions of trust online.

Our Story

Token of Trust’s origin occurred when co-founder, Darrin Edelman, almost fell victim to an online scam. The co-founders of Token of Trust Darrin Edelman, Austin O’Brion, and Kevin O’Brien, felt compelled to create a better way to prevent online fraud and safely exchange information about a person’s identity.

Leading up to the creation of Token of Trust, the company’s founders had also observed a series of catastrophic data breaches by companies that had been entrusted with handling consumer data. With decades of knowledge and understanding of how these susceptible systems had failed — the founding team knew it was time to introduce a more secure and better way for handling sensitive consumer information. By 2019, the Token of Trust team had fully patented their unique and better approach for consumer identity management.

Token of Trust® Consumer Reputation Reports are the easiest way for consumers to prove their identity to businesses and others. Businesses can use Token of Trust’s Identity Platform to screen consumers during account onboarding, at checkout, or at any moment by request. With Token of Trust’s configurable workflows, Businesses can define consumer identity characteristics that are important to capture and verify — then, set rules for how to automatically handle the approval process.

Token of Trust has verified consumers in over 130 different countries and the company is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Core Values

Delight customers

Every employee is willing to collaborate with and delight our customers and consumers, no matter what role they’re in. We go above and beyond to listen to their needs and leave them with a smile.

Act with Purpose & Integrity

We make every action and decision with a grounded purpose that is understood and aligned with our strategic goals and values.

Deep focus

We’re deliberate and focused about where we invest our energy. Initiatives are seen through the finish line, even if it means saying “no” to avoid distractions.

Respectfully Direct & Commit

We are respectful, humble, and direct in our communication, even when it’s uncomfortable. When we make decisions to move forward, the team is all-in. 

We take care of each other

We foster an environment where everyone can feel safe and be their best self. We are grateful for each other and we always have each other’s backs. 

Interested in joining the team?

Token of Trust is always looking to recruit bright and talented people that comes from all walks of life.

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