Tax Compliance

Token of Trust calculates taxes in real time and automatically generates required tax forms and handles sales and excise tax reporting.

Our tax compliance solutions help businesses selling:

  • Vapor products
  • Nicotine e-juice
  • CBD, Delta 8 THC and hemp products
  • Tobacco, cigarettes and cigars

Tax compliance without the hassle.

Calculate excise and sales tax in real time

Precisely calculate tax rates based on the details of the transaction.

Collect tax from customers at checkout

Pass the tax fees along to your customers so they’re not coming off your bottom line.

Automatically generate tax forms

Generate and file the tax forms required for each jurisdiction with a breeze.

Support both wholesale and retail taxes

Your business might be complex but your taxes don’t have to be. We support manufacturers, wholesale distributors, and retailers.

Hear what our customers say about us…

“Token of Trust is great because they help protect us against fraud and helps us stay in compliance with laws relating to our company and the products we ship.”

Cream City Vapes (Milwaukee, WI)

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