Verify age without friction.

Unlock a seamless age verification experience with Token of Trust. Simplify customer access to age-restricted products through ultra-fast checks and secure ID capture, ensuring swift and compliant transactions.

  • Automate age verification for eCommerce
  • Integrates with Shopify, WooCommerce, APIs, and many others
  • Meet requirements for age restricted products
  • Secure customer data satisfying privacy regulations
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Instant Age Checks

Effortlessly streamline your checkout process with Token of Trust’s rapid age verification. Experience 1-2 second verifications, eliminating delays and ensuring a smooth customer journey.

Effortless Automation

Say goodbye to manual document reviews. Our automated age verification process reduces labor and saves time, ensuring customers are handled efficiently without unnecessary wait times.

ID Document Diversity

Verify a wide array of identity documents, including Drivers Licenses, Passports, and ID Cards. Our system adapts to various forms of identification, enhancing flexibility and accuracy.

Borderless Sales

Expand your market reach confidently. Verify customers from diverse countries, states, and provinces, ensuring you’re not limited by geographical boundaries and enabling seamless global sales.

Recognize loyal customers and put them in the fast lane.

Token of Trust’s patented platform recognizes your loyal customers and provides them with a streamlined checkout experience. New customers are checked against authoritative databases in seconds. Any customers that require additional information are handled within our automated workflows.

Reputation Reports

View Reputation Reports for each consumer to understand what data was checked, how the checks performed, and what decision was made. Access granular verification data while maintaining compliance with privacy laws and regulations.

Designed for privacy

At Token of Trust, consumers remain in control of identity and we keep sensitive data safe. Consumer privacy is our priority. Token of Trust uses the latest security and encryption techniques to keep you safe.

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